ICSI Center

Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory for Male Infertility / Advanced Micromanipulation Research Laboratory on Mammalian Gametes


Our field of interest is to device and execute research projects in reproductive biology. The main focus is on designing and carrying out research projects on the physiology of human gametes, spermatozoa, and oocytes in order to understand their maturation and interaction. Other fields of interest are the genetic basis responsible for spermatogenesis and to explore techniques for assessment of aneuploidy of eggs and sperm. Systematically device and organize follow-up studies to investigate the wellbeing of children born from assisted reproductive technologies (ART), IVF, ICSI, and those resulting from cryopreservation. Investigate methods to enhance the efficiency of cryopreservation procedures of human eggs.

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Annual Meeting 2019

Differentiating Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells into Primordial Germ Cell-like Cells and Early Meiotic Stages by Exposure to Adult Interstitial and Neonatal Testicular Cells

Aysha Trout, Philip Xie, Zev Rosenwaks, Gianpiero D. Palermo

Differentiating Mouse Embryonic stem cells.jpg

Can Oocyte DNA Repair Mechanisms Counteract Impaired Sperm Genomic Integrity?

Lilli Zimmerman, Derek Keating, Alessandra Parrella, Zev Rosenwaks, and Gianpiero D. Palermo

OOCYTE DNA Repair.jpg

Can Gene Expression Profiling Help Characterize Human Spermatogenesis in Infertile Men?

Brianne Barker, Alessandra Parrella, Stephanie Cheung, Zev Rosenwaks, and  Gianpiero D. Palermo

DNA Expression.jpg

A Therapeutic Approach for Couples with Compromised Sperm DNA Integrity and a History of Aneuploidy Embryos

Allison Petrini, Alessandra Parrella, Philip Xie, Zev Rosenwaks, and Gianpiero D. Palermo

therapeutic approach.jpg

Microfluidic Sperm Selection Enhances ICSI Outcomes by Selecting Spermatozoa with the Highest Chromatin Integrity

Kolbe Hancock, Alessandra Parrella, Matthew Goldman, Zev Rosenwaks, and Gianpiero D. Palermo

Microfluidics SCF Poster eshre 2019_Ale_SC.jpg

Assessing Male Gamete Production and the Impact of Spermatozoa from Azoospermic Men on Embryonic Development by Genome Profiling

Alexis Melnick, Stephanie Cheung, Zev Rosenwaks, and Gianpiero D. Palermo

NOA vs OA genes p613 R2.jpg

Interpreting the Spermatogenic Profile of NOA Men Through Transcriptome Analysis

Alessandra Parrella, Brianne Barker, Zev Rosenwaks, and Gianpiero D. Palermo

POSTER PPT 1 with Foldchange graph for 20 genes_Ale_SC.jpg

Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells into Germ Line Cells using Decellularized Seminiferous Tubules Bathed in a Conditioned Medium

Philip Xie, Aysha Trout, Zev Rosenwaks, Gianpiero D. Palermo

Diff Embryonic stem cell DSTM.jpg

Mapping the Genital Tract: Using Male Gamete Genomic Integrity to Guide Reproductive Outcome

Robert Setton, Philip Xie, Derek Keating, Alessandra Parrella, Marc Goldstein, Zev Rosenwaks, Gianpiero D. Palermo