ICSI Center

Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory for Male Infertility / Advanced Micromanipulation Research Laboratory on Mammalian Gametes


Our field of interest is to device and execute research projects in reproductive biology. The main focus is on designing and carrying out research projects on the physiology of human gametes, spermatozoa, and oocytes in order to understand their maturation and interaction. Other fields of interest are the genetic basis responsible for spermatogenesis and to explore techniques for assessment of aneuploidy of eggs and sperm. Systematically device and organize follow-up studies to investigate the wellbeing of children born from assisted reproductive technologies (ART), IVF, ICSI, and those resulting from cryopreservation. Investigate methods to enhance the efficiency of cryopreservation procedures of human eggs.

Queenie Neri

Queenie Neri has been involved with our research team since February 3, 1998 and has been actively working on several research topics. She has devoted herself in establishing a molecular genetic assay to screen men with male infertility. 

She has also been instrumental in performing the first pediatric, genetic, and psychological follow-up study in the US in 5 year old ICSI children. She also implemented an ongoing follow-up study to monitor all offspring from 3 year old ART generated at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility. She is actively involved in the epigenetic assessment of ART offspring by RT-PCR and whole genome amplification.